Minecraft Tips and Tricks - Tool conservation - Sword Trick - Swapping tools

This video will show you 3 things -How to use swords to break things faster AND not to use charges -How to save charges on valuable items -How to break gravel faster If you enjoyed, don't forget to leave a rating and if you are new don't forget to subscribe for future videos. If you already knew this, then be respectful for the viewers that didn't know about this.


  1. The switching your tools, the patched it or whatever, thats so stupiiiiiid meeeeeeh :( but this tips and tricks are useful besides the patched or whatever ones :3
  2. "Now I'm gonna do a number one then now I'll do a number two." -The great words of seto using the restroom.
  3. I tried this with my fist and a pick on stone, but happily it would work with the previous versions of minecraft
  4. .... i don't even remember when this works on pc minecraft... but it works on xbox :D
  5. Patched :O
  6. In 1.6.2 it doesn't work
  7. I know the torch trick
  8. Ya when you switch tools now it resets.
  9. but it no longer works :(
  10. Not working in 1.5 NOW!!! LOL
  11. Damn the update
  12. for 4:34 you can just break the bottom piece of gravel with your hands
  13. At like 0.6 the gravel would disappear and the bottom block would stay
  14. sadly, this no longer works, as they made it so if you change items the block breaking resets
  15. thanks for the tips you deserve a subscriber
  16. No
  17. does this still work?
  18. Ill always do it too fast
  19. In the new update, they disabled it
  20. Well you can when you place the toarch under the gravel to fast just break the block on top of the toarch

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