Moto 360 by Motorola Smartwatch - My First Android Wear Experience

Acceptable resolution version: The hype around the Moto 360 was pretty darn huge, but the reception at launch was... well, let's be nice and say mixed at best. I finally got a chance to check it out... ZBoard: Check out their Cyber Monday deals and giveaway campaign over at Sponsor link: Pricing & discussion: Support us: Join our community forum: Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat - Check out his channel here: Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High


  1. 4:30 they hurried these on the market, hence all the bugs in the software.
  2. 6:12 what was that Arabic text
  3. I like to say pedometer lile pedo meter
  4. 1:35 with captions....
  5. 5:46 Linus likes young thug
  6. The god of tech
  7. Hey Linus, have you changed your mind about the Moto 360, now that the Moto 360 v2 is here?
  8. Please review the newer edition
  9. If only Motorola was still part of google
  10. can you use whats app and download/make your own backgrounds?
  11. I really want it but smartwatches aren't allowed in my school .-.
  12. A lot of Moto 360 1st gen users have found that their batteries went to shit (including mine, shuts off at 70-80% charge).
    just a warning, dont know how the 2nd gen is.
  13. linus
    can i just say
  14. 2:18 Yup, i sure did read that right. "Pedometer"

    I wonder is this watch made for the kids or the adults though.
  15. Can I get a Android watch that just answers the phone like speeker and mic?
  16. im sorry but i NEED to know what that doctor who watch face is called
  17. can I log in to my email and download photos plz answer someone
  18. That arabic email is weird can anyone explain it to me
  19. Linus you should redo this review or update it since they have redone Android wear software. it is far more user friendly now than it was when it first came out
  20. dat doctor who watchface

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