Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a fantastic smartphone from Nokia, here's a few tips and tricks to help you get the best from it


  1. miss you nokia
  2. mine has crashed how do i fix it
  3. very good phone but being a dummy smart phone wise takes some getting used to after having normal mobile brilliant site to get advice on how to use
  4. I wish I had that phone
  5. They just need to make a snapchat.
  6. best phone ever
  7. its a pretty cool phone, the Display is much better than the Iphone 5 the camera is just STUNING 1080 videos are also amazing + there is adjustment i mean when you shake the phone you dont get bad images actually you get perfect videos no matter how hard you shake your hand, and thats great for shooting at concerts and parties outside, it takes amazing pictures in low light. it is fast phone. now about the battery it sux man but.. when fully charget if you have all apps and wi-fi on + high lights it would last 3-4 hours in use, but if you clsoe 2-3 apps (specially city lens, nokia maps and nokia drive) lower the light to normal or low it can last DAYS yes 2-3 days and i dont mean sitting in your poket it can last days if you use it. so ig you have battery problem these are my solutions worked perfectly for me. the phone is not expensive as other phones such as iphone 5 and s4, and yete it is better than iphone 5 in every way i've compared. so if you consider buying this go for it you will like it, i wanted the HTC ONE but i couldnt get it then i got the lumia 920 and im happy that i did not chose the HTC one but thats personal if you prefer android or windows and btw theres much of as bad talking about windows phones well i dont know but mine is perfect. i mean i just love the windows its fucking awesome dude everything is made so reachable dont have to look around in folders everything is right there 2-3 clicks you are wherever you want, unlike the android users where is full of pages apps and shit. its just simple and its simple in the most awesome way. if you depend on camera mostly this is the phonje for you, if you are a gamer go for the HTC one, but seriously the lumia 920 is a good phone and i love it i've been using it for 3 months and its awesome.
  8. Very nice, simple as well.
  9. british people. its not nawckeeyah its Nokia.
  10. Nokia Lumia 920 is Designed with Snapdragon S4 processor which gives you extreme graphics & speed in various applications like photography, games, movies as well as in Buisness Productivity.I really like this phone due attractive features and lower price . Features :- 1. Secondary Camera Support 2. 8.7 MP Primary Camera 3. Qi Wireless Charging 4. 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ Capacitive Touchscreen 5. Windows Phone 8 OS 6. 1.5 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor 7. Wi-Fi Enabled
  11. Too bad Snapchat made Microsoft remove that great unofficial one from the store..
  12. The only thing not available is Snapchat, the rest is there but 3rd party. Don't worry though as they are much better than the official Android counterparts! I own a 920.
  13. this phone using windows 8?
  14. Although we do cover US devices, we're a UK-based publication and the Nokia Lumia 920 is available on a number of carriers including T-Mobile in the UK.
  15. Theres an app called Instance for wp8 thats exactly like instagram
  16. Well, any smartphone is made to be used with data, but nokia phones do have a great features offline, such as full offline navigation etc, so it's up to you :)
  17. there is metrogram which is the instagram for windows phone 8! :D
  18. thats poor.. animted gif for god sake who wants that today
  19. android po ba to?
  20. Yes it supports both, although neither are installed out-the-box. You have to download them (for free) from the Windows Phone Store application. Find out more about the Nokia Lumia 920 on Recombu Mobile.

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