Nunchaku Tricks Private Skype Lesson Summary - combos, planes, bounces

This is a summary video, which I record after an online private lesson so noone forgets what we worked on. Starting today, I'm offeringf 1 on 1 private Skype lessons. We can work on nunchaku, double nunchaku, poi, staff, double staff or performance techniques. Your choice! The awesome thing about private lessons is that your style gets analyzed so the training you receive is customized to maximize and compliment what you already know. This accelerates progression much faster than randomly sifting through videos. Contact me for details


  1. Brilliant 😎🤩
  2. muy buen video
  3. Hi ken, how do I get in contact with you for the skype private lessons?
  4. Heyyy ken ..u r juss awsm man ...u r dh best ....dh way u rotate dh chux is jus amazing .....which nun chaku r u using ....can u plss mention in dh rply ....
  5. oh crap u replied :-0
  6. are u on instagram
  7. you are the best YouTube channel ever
  8. plz reply and say what the hardest move ever...I want a challenge
  9. u the best
  10. Your videos are awesome man...thank you!
  11. hello sir can you make some videos of mix combos
  12. hello sir ken its me when are you gonna do the staff tutorial the twist and turn vid im still waiting for it no pressure though have a good time and have fun in your shows :)
  13. Where can i get a hold of some flowchucks?
  14. How much does a private Skype lesson cost and how long is it?
  15. Excellent !!!
  16. great instructions
  17. Ken,... this is Trevor from Merritt Isl Fl ......ur really awesome for sharing ur knowledge in chux. Ur the worlds greatest n I've been studying yours, n Gabriel Fords moves since last may of 2015. 1 hour everyday at least,.... since. Just want to say THANX n ur knowledge is priceless!

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