OMG!!!!!! Best Chromebook Tricks of 2017!!! (with bonus tip!)

Hello Everyone! In this videos, I will be showing you some cool tricks that you can do with your Chromebook! Make sure to stick around till the end for the bonus! These tricks will also work on all other computers/ laptops as well! Hope that you enjoy!


  1. Comment what I should upload next!!! :)
  2. most of these are just chrom web browser tricks and not actual chrome book tricks
  3. How did you get the new tab
  4. ive been knowing this
  5. I this 1: Ctrl + Shift + QQ and will close the comeputer off !
  6. So you know you just forget something
  7. Nice video Very helpful
  8. You call this hacks everyone knows this
  9. Haha, nice! :)
  10. These are just tools lol
  11. Come to my channel and check out my Chromebook hacks!
  12. Megusta. .lamusica
  13. its funny how he used screencastify and its on the chrome web store
  14. these are simple tricks dude i bet you dont know how to put it in developer mode and i bet you dont know how to get google play apps without arc welder or an apk i bet you dont know how when you plug your hdmi cord to your touch screen tv and it doesnt work on how to fix it these are what you hacks compared to what you just uploaded
    now you try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and get real hacks
  15. where was the "hack" on this vid bro? 👎🏻
  16. My son haz a crhombook
  17. you're*
  18. Guys, I have a cool chromebook trick, click cntl + shift + q + q
  19. genius it worked on my chromebook
  20. Mfw I you showed a command that'd for the Google Chrome browser littlary had nothing to do with chromebooks

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