PERFECT Mind-Reading Trick Explained! (Mentalism Tutorial)

YO! Today's Magic Tutorial, by popular demand is an easy mind reading effect which you can easily do right away! Whether you're beginner or advanced, this technique feels like true mind reading! This is a very old principle in magic and we're going to cover the basics so you can make up your own routine and perform it how you see fit! Special thanks to Jeremy for sitting in on this one, go show him some love if you like Hockey! Jeremy's Channels: Main Channel: How to: IG: 13 Steps (Mentalism book) : Blank Business cards: LEARN VOODOO HERE: Where I get ALL My MUSIC: CHECK OUT MY GAMING CHANNEL: What I shoot with: My Main Camera: Main Lens: My Favorite LENS: VLOG CAMERA : The Mic I use: Lighting: Editing: Final Cut // Color Finale Follow Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME STUFF: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0


  1. Here's the winner of the hat: LoVell Illusions - Thanks to everyone who took part. Hats still available here for purchase:
  2. yooooo my name is Mason thats kinda cool
  3. I heard you say in one of your videos for kids not to pretend they have powers or act too serious... and I concur, but I think it would be an interesting perspective if they braught an adult on stage and pretended to be nervous about using some powers and have the adult egg them on like "it's alright your safe here" or the opposite like the kid really wants to use some "powers" but the adult keeps trying to make them hide it, "for their own saftey". Wondering what you think of that idea for presentation/"patter". The kid would need some serious acting skills to make it seem like anything more than a goof though. Might also work with two kids if they have a friend but dont want an adult involved lol.
  4. think of a carrot...chris: WTF!!!
  5. Do you want to learn how to Do this?
    Try here.
  6. thumbs down for the stupid hat
  7. So obvious
  9. Underlining the last word, gave the trick away
  10. All I could think of was the woman on the hat.
  11. Plz...reveal more magic tricks by famous magicians..plz
  12. Is this guy trying to emulate Rick Lax? Accept NO substitutes!
  13. same music as obese to beast in the backround
  14. Hey Chris love it. Stumbled across you and love what you're doing, I've started practicing and applying principles. Dude I've got a great idea for a custom, mystical right hand ring for you, I'm a jewelry expert and know the perfect gemstone for you. Interested hit me up. Its gonna be awesome brother and I'd be flattered to make it for you!
  15. Corindas 13 steps wont ship to Canada!!! Is there any way i can read it online?
  16. It would’ve been amazing if that card you had named for him would’ve been inside your desk and he told u to look in your drawer and there was the card u was thinking of
  17. Hi Chris, I know this is an older vid, and I am not sure if you will see this BUT on the off-chance that you do...
    I want to do this trick (which I have) but I want to try and figure out a way to do it on Discord, the gaming app that replaced Ventrilo and all the others.

    I know you are a Gamer as you have said so and if so You probably use Discord to talk to your friends. It also allows you to upload pics which is where I am having problems.

    I can get them to spread the cards and upload a pic of that no problem.
    Then, using 1-up, I have the rest...
    However, I have tried for months to come up with a good Reveal.
    For you and your unique way of seeing things that others don't, can you point me in the right direction here for the 1-up Reveal of the 2 things they were thinking of but in Discord using Pics?
    Thank you in advance and feel free to DM (In fact Please do!).
  18. 5:28 I said it before he said it
  20. You said queen of clubs, but wrote down ten of spades.

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