PERFECT Mind-Reading Trick Explained! (Mentalism Tutorial)

YO! Today's Magic Tutorial, by popular demand is an easy mind reading effect which you can easily do right away! Whether you're beginner or advanced, this technique feels like true mind reading! This is a very old principle in magic and we're going to cover the basics so you can make up your own routine and perform it how you see fit! Special thanks to Jeremy for sitting in on this one, go show him some love if you like Hockey! Jeremy's Channels: Main Channel: How to: IG: 13 Steps (Mentalism book) : Blank Business cards: LEARN VOODOO HERE: Where I get ALL My MUSIC: CHECK OUT MY GAMING CHANNEL: What I shoot with: My Main Camera: Main Lens: My Favorite LENS: VLOG CAMERA : The Mic I use: Lighting: Editing: Final Cut // Color Finale Follow Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME STUFF: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0


  1. Here's the winner of the hat: LoVell Illusions - Thanks to everyone who took part. Hats still available here for purchase:
  2. i swear on my life that when chris said think of a three digit number i predicted he would say 128 wtaf!!!!!!!!
  3. - You're thinking about 7 of hearts
    - No. I'm thinking about pizza
  4. Literally, I keep looking at your hat more than anything. It's quite distracting!
  5. It's a trick.
  6. Understood how it was done before you explained it. A bit too obvious I'm afraid.
  7. I was literally thinking of a carrot
  8. Loved it!!! Gonna trick some of my friends after a few tries at home! :-) ;-)
  9. i want that hat
  10. I would avoid underlining only one prediction. That made it clear to me at the end how the trick was done since the name Mason was underlined and you could clearly be seen underlining the prediction after the name Mason was offered.I would say, underline them all or none. I know not everyone looks for things like that, but when I see a magician I always look for a tell of some sort.
  11. This sucks. These tricks are so much cooler when I don't know the trick. I actually believed people were telepathic. Dammit my life is ruined.
  12. explain how Amazing Randi (or other magicians) write down backwards/upside down what word a person has picked out of a book, BEFORE that person reveals what the word is. I understand the 1 ahead principle. Understood it for years. But can't understand the trick Amazing Randi does. It might not be the 1 ahead principle. Could be some other type of force
  13. Mentalism is always supposed to be fun. :) you do it fun :)))
  14. Awesome
  15. McGregor has so much talents !!!
  16. Learn mind reading and psychic tricks performed by the best mentalists. We reveal the biggest mentalism secrets in magic with step-by-step tutorials.
  17. i would only perform the first trick because that’s a great one! the rest of the predictions would allow them to guess what i’m doing & ruins the first the trick. i’d need to think of another way to distract the first one, mmm 🤔
    great one though! always love your channel 👍🏼
  18. This is so poorly done, it’s absurd. It would insult the intelligence of any adult... if Jeremy was genuinely fooled by this, he seriously needs to pay more attention. It’s like, offensively bad.
  19. A cleaner way to do it is using 6 pieces of paper, 3 each. First you write down the prediction, fold it and pop it under a glass. Then ask the first question. Then they write down something only they know, then they fold the paper up and put it under a glass, but before they do that you just check to make sure you got the prediction right by peaking at it.
  20. I was thrown out of a magicians bar in Paris for doing this to the barman's gf because she gave me her phone number.

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