Pivot Table - Super Trick

Take this free online course to become 4X faster - https://goo.gl/kKgSZ9 This Pivot Table trick will blow your mind - Year-wise Date Grouping and Report Filter Pages


  1. Very useful
  2. Amazing
  3. Sir in data Validation list, when type A and show all name start from A show, what is command in excel kindly guide
  4. Wow, thank you.
  5. Excellent
  6. More than super......just fantastic
  7. Gr8 gr8 really I got to learn many things
  8. damn man, you're so poetic in your training.
  9. I've been using excel to a reasonably capable level for years but lately, pivot tables have changed my life.
  10. How to make border lines more visible in a data sheet
  11. Best
  12. super nice video..
  13. superb nice video ,.... forex has been so profiting with the help of mr peter wilson
  14. Thank you.
  15. Super like man Thank you
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  17. Que buen truco para sorprender en la chamba
  18. Wow superb ....thanks a lot
  19. Wow man!!! This is amazing, such a time saver, just takes productivity in creating reports like those to a whole other level. My brain already went into overdrive ( a min after watching this video) thinking of all the different scenarios where this knowledge will come in handy. Thanks so much for sharing.
  20. How to group text in pivot table

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