PowerPoint 2016: Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Abstract: PowerPoint has become an indispensable platform within higher education and the work force, as it is easy to use without requiring extensive experience. However, few people utilize PowerPoint to its full capacity. Join us as we explore ways to take your PowerPoint skills to the next level. Description: In the early days of presentations, speakers often spoke from notes, often referring to handwritten script on index cards. Eventually technology allowed for a more immersive and engaging experience as presenters began utilizing transparency overhead sheets and slides (who recalls the slide carousels?). These approaches were not ideal, as the machines were noisy and hot, and the bulbs tended to burn out rather easily. Sometimes the transparencies would have text that rubbed off or leave flecks of burnt plastic on the slide. PowerPoint came in to save the day, and we haven’t looked back since. The slide decks are digital and (can be) visually appealing, and the content can be easily disseminated to students and colleagues. The advantages to using PowerPoint slides are numerous, but there is still room for growth regarding how we utilize the platform. In this webinar, we will review common mistakes that people make with PowerPoint as well as examples of good practices. We will do a deep dive into the platform as we: • Create a custom template • Explore options for modifying, and organizing graphics and shapes • Create a photo album • Design animation effects • Utilize the Morph transition for website and prezi effects • Explore the Designer options • Create tables of contents using Zoom and branching functionality Presenter Bio: Sean Nufer is the Director of Instructional Technology for TCS Education System. He works collaboratively with the Instructional Design team and faculty to ensure utilization of state-of-the-art resources in the classroom.


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  2. Absolutely Brilliant, i am in a world championship, this is helping me a lot. Wish me good luck.
  3. thanks
  4. Thank you that helped me a lot 👍
  5. PS. I love your video. It is great to see some 'non beginner' things.
  6. After an extensive search (LOL) I discovered that "Design Ideas" is only available if you are using Office 365. If you have PowerPoint 2016 License or Box, Design Ideas is not available (bummer). Please reply if this is not correct because I really like that feature.
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this video! I'm an Analyst at a large pharma company based in Boston, and am relatively adept at PPT. These advanced tips are extremely beneficial.
  8. Years ago in XP or in Windows 7, I used to be able to put a picture into Word or Powerpoint and instead of having to use the standard edge border, I could click to shrink the border of the picture to wrap around the contours of the picture. I could have a picture of a person and make the border conform to the shape of that person. That way, I saved room on my page and I had no backgrounds to deal with. The only way I can do that now, unless you can help me, is to go through a very convoluted process of removing the background and keeping or not keeping certain parts. It requires that I have better dexterity to draw around the shape than I have. Is there any way to basically shrinkwrap a shape without that much trouble?

  9. Lots of great tips! Can't wait to play with the Morph transition :)

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