Real Skype interview - Online video call interview

Here is a short Real Skype interview. You can learn from his mistakes and make yourself prepare for any online video call interviews.


  1. Fak
  2. I don't think anybody wants to know about what your father and your mother do I think he should have told something about his passions his dreams what he wants to achieve and something like that.
  3. this mem.
  4. First off is that a woman or a man?
  5. Voice quality is very bad..
  6. his family background did not need to be mentioned
  7. dude you are fucked
  8. We just made a blog post on this subject! Feel free to check it out here >
  9. Why does this female have such a condescending voice? Arrogance at it's peak. These are students from tier 3 cities who are trying their best to get a decent job. He's speaking fluently and trying his best.

    She on the other hand is trying to scare him off with her fake arrogance . Shameless woman
  11. Hgff gghu
  12. Fsa
  13. Asd
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  15. Call quality is I couldnt understand anyone of them ..
  16. Wasting of time...what is the job for a guy?too much questions...
  17. This video can't help much..1st i can't understand what they saying and 2nd to much question that not in the resume and 3rd very noisy..gosh...stress much..too long
  18. Adeiii🤣🤣😂😂😂
  19. What kind of questions is she asking.. "Tell me about yourself"? What is it 1990s? Haven't you read the resume? Why wasting time on questions which are redundant. Clearly she is not a good lady to work with. She is raising her voice and coming across as bossy. If a candidate is nervous, make him or herself comfortable. This is clearly not an interview to learn from.
  20. Hello Ma'am, My current company is not ready to give me roles and responsibilities letter not even my colleagues. They don't want to go beyond bank policies. I am stuck in skill assessment process I really need someone's guidens. Please help me

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