Resume tips for software developers

Hiring managers and recruiters appreciate elegance & efficiency just as much as you appreciate well documented code. So, optimize your résumé and make it easy to parse!


  1. Really excellent tips and covers a nice broad range of topics.
  2. U talk more beyond topic
  3. Thanks so much really appreciate learning more about Philly Codefest is a free software and hardware hackathon
  4. I stopped watching this after the first tip about resume length being online 1 page. Virtually every recruiter I've worked with has told me that my 3 page resume is.exceptionally well written. When I had a 1 page resume a few years ago I was told it made me look like I had no experience.
  5. wtf?
  6. I dont agree with some advices here.

    I had more success with putting my picture, telling my story and so on.

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