Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hidden Software Features, Tips & Tricks #2

Galaxy S6 Edge 1st Ep. Along with excellent hardware and premium look, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 boasts of hundreds of innovative software skills. Here are few hidden tips & tricks you might not know. LIKE: VISIT: SUBSCRIBE:


  1. Hi like your videos, great features and tricks, though I could not find the live camera in S note app. It opens the camera on half of the bottom screen but not as you showed at 5.13, am I missing something, thanks.
  2. 0:38 he activated my svoice
  3. LOL at 1:23 You turned my wifi off on my phone XD
  4. how can i desactivate the camera sound :'( ?
  5. Dicas muito boas, obrigado!
  6. just bought the note 4 & loving it , it's just like having a mini computer in your hand.
  7. my galaxy work Half the speed presented some of the footage )=:
  8. He made my s voice go off
  9. Every time u said hi galaxy my not 4 opened s-voice
  10. Ur video looks like the official samsung advertisment
  11. When it said "Hi galaxy" it triggered my s voice 😂😂
  12. Nice video, thanks for the tips!
  13. upgraded from the 6plus to this phone best move ever
  14. Hey cool Tips
  15. Every time you said hi galaxy it would activate s vocie on my phone😂😂
  16. I love my note 4...
  17. I have a sprint note 4 and do not have the multiple languages option when highlighting and translating text.
  18. U said hi galaxy and it jumped up...
  19. U r amazingly outstanding and I just loved your video...u r doing very simple yet so interesting....keep it up..God bless you...
  20. Haha my S voice went off when you said Hi Galaxy

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