Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Tricks and Tips

Demonstrating the many software functions available in the Samsung Galaxy S5. ➨Intro animation by: ➨Samsung Galaxy S5 Unboxing and First Impression: ➨Samsung Galaxy S5 In-depth Review: ➨Samsung Galaxy S5 Gaming Demo: ➨Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 (2014): ➨Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Sample (Downloadable 4K Video): ➨Sony Xperia Z2 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: ➨How to Easily Root Most Versions of the Galaxy S5: --------------------------------------------- Facebook Page: Google+ Page: Visit my website: Twitter feed:!/babblingboolean ---------------------------------------------


  1. How is set up screen in dark ?
  2. anyone know how to root a galaxy S5 active... I've almost max out the inturnal 16.00 gigs.. I have a empty 64 gig memory card I can't get anything to go on
  3. Thank you so much, I think the software engineer must have asked everyone in the office what would you like on the phone it is just too much but thank you for a very good review awesome.
  4. How can i turn into black background menu on S5, like yours. Anyone knows?
  5. Watching on my s8 and you saying it's futuristic... I did nothing
  6. How can i find my contacts on my s5 please?
  7. your mom is smoking hot!
  8. i still use gs5 its a beast
  9. Slow the f__ down
  10. . my only hope I have Samsung S5 every time I click on my freaking home button it sends me to Google how to fix there is no button setting in my settings like HTC Samsung you need to take some hits from HTC
  11. after reading the info on that download booster setting...i think only those 4g variants will get that download booster and not us (G900H) ..... :'( i seriously hate new updates, specially changes in android m updates and it pisses me off that it doesn't support 4g :'(
  12. Wtf this phone is beast better than even next iphone 7
  13. Nice Samsung Galaxy S5
  14. gud😊
  15. Great vid dude! Btw I really like your wallpaper, can you link it to me?
  16. Zabardust Larkey
  17. Sad to say, But your s5 is Fake
  18. You're speaking too fast, what is the hurry?
  19. Do u think you could slow down when you speak - I can't keep up with where you are and the relevant menu selection - honestly! You are just too fast talking
  20. heyyy, HELLO. where i can find nice themes for this phone? you can make tutorial for change ram at this phone? thx

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