SKYPE - (2018) Windows 10 New Creators Anniversary Update Preview **{Tips And Trick}**

Hello, guys, my name is Khushal Solanki - (BIG JOE) and I'm back with another tutorial video this time we are talking about Skype new update {2018} In today’s hectic world, maintaining our personal connections is more important than ever. We need to get more done, whether it’s planning daily menus, scheduling appointments, coordinating family schedules, or having a virtual tutoring session. Skype improvements, and today we’re rolling out a new version of Skype for the desktop to make staying in touch easier—both professionally and personally. The Skype for desktop Preview and the next generation of Skype for mobile improved the way you connect with your contacts and added expanded capabilities such as personalized themes, chat list, now out of preview and rolling out today—brings all these exciting new improvements and features to your desktop. It’s all built on brand-new technology that scales to billions of people on a reliable platform... Customizable themes—Choose a colour and theme that reflects your mood, personality, or time of day Cross-device functionality—Skype works across multiple devices: mobile, desktop, Xbox, smart speakers, and more. Your messages and content are available anywhere you have Skype installed, helping you keep in touch with people around the world... ******************************************************************** Thank you, so many guys for watching my video I really appreciate it if you are new here don't forget to Subscribe and make sure you turn on the notification bell so you will never miss my latest uploads. I hope you guys like this tutorial!! I had so much fun creating this for you and I really hope you enjoyed! Please comment down below on how I can improve my videos and what you guys want to see in the future. Also, make sure you guys subscribe to more videos like this... ******************************************************************** THIS IS SOME WEBSITES WHAT I PERSONALLY USE CHECK OUT NOW... ====================================================== My Instagram: My Twitter: My Facebook: My YouTube: My Skype: khushal.solanki000 ====================================================== Confirm Channel Subscription: LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE -------------------------------------------------------------------- Advance YouTube Tips and Tricks and How to Videos For Creators In - 2018 | Basic YouTube Tutorials (Step By Step (?Easily?)) __________________________________________ If you want to email me is my email ID ___________________________________________ So I hope you've enjoyed this video remember to like this video, share it, and leave a comment below. And to receive more social media tips, make sure you subscribe to our channel. If you would like to Support the Channel please SUB :D Thank you!


  2. Sorry man, Skype 8 is most horrible Skype ever. You should show people how to download and use "Skype Classic" to be really useful.

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