Skype Interview: Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Ace A Skype Interview

Skype Interview: Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Ace A Skype Interview 0:40 - Look the part 7:11 - Ensure The Environment Is Perfect 13:35 - The Accessories Either Make You Or Break You 20:48 - Enthusiasm & Energy 24:45 - Empowering Your Voice 31:33 - Your Body Language 37:03 - Create a Demand (or crafting the Trailer) 42:21 - Content is King 47:11 - The Winning Script 52:35 - The Importance of a Personal Brand ------------------------------- Skype Interview: Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Ace A Skype Interview These are some of the tips I strongly believe will help you ace the skype interview. Agreed, a skype interview can be daunting to some. And for some others, it can be very tough. Many find it pretty unforgivable. However, if you really focus on trying to be the best - you can be the best. Its all about focus. However, one thing I can tell you. There is no replacement to dedicated practice. If you keep practicing your skill, developing yourself towards being the best - you will reach a point where being in a skype interview will feel normal and natural. So watch this video on how to Ace a skype interview. Let me know your thoughts. ------------------------------- TO CONTACT | +66-92-541-4784 TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to QUORA PROFILE MENTORING SERVICES MY BLOG WHO AM I? MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"


  1. Really useful pointers!!
  2. Aren't you leaking out a little too much information? Or I guess all this is only 1% of what you know? If it's the latter, then you're probably a very driven person to gather such insane amount of information, both through personal experiences and the books behind you.
  3. Thank you it's amazing video 🙏
  4. Loy thank you so much for the hour long video. I missed them. 😊👍
  5. Curiously waiting for your upcoming article
  6. Dear Loy ... I am glad to officially let you know you are my mentor shortly...really like your all videos and you are a world class knowledgeable person who can guide and mentor me.
    I will come back to you shortly ---- no a free seeking guy --only with professional service..... I love and respect your time and your services.
  7. How did you prepared yourself for Arabic channel interview
  8. Your video boosted up my enthusiasm and adding value about learning body language,face expression, creating hype, gonna try out
  9. Dear loy you come up with something new... hat off to your hard work !! However it's my personal opinion make short videos just like last week with various topics

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