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Skype is the most popular Video, Audio and Chatting Software for worldwide. You can use Skype in Desktop or Mobile. Today I will best 10 skype tricks for easy chat tricks. If you use Skype then you Can Connect with your friend, Loves one, business associates far and wide. ======================== Best 10 Skype Tricks : 1. Hot Keys for Skypin 2. Back Up Your Friends 3. Auto-Answer as Monitor 4. Record Calls to MP3 or Video 5. Share Your Screen 6. Exploit Unlimited File Transfers 7. Split Up the View 8. Activate the Universal Translator 9. Rename Contacts 10. How use skype without account =========================== Skype Recording Software URL - ========================================= Please Subscribe my Channel for more IT Related Videos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Join our Facebook Page for any Help -


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