Software Developer Productivity Tips

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  1. Your the only person that I actually take notes from.
  2. Lovely Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched - Yanailey Sanvery Approach (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great exclusive guide for becoming more productive without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work colleague at last got astronomical success with it.
  3. Mac OS is cancer. Great vid doe.
  4. Great Vid
  5. No mention of tmux? Vim?
  6. Can you show your settings for bettersnaptool?
  7. Sublime is free, don't buy it. Atom IDE is also free with alot of customisation options available. If you are a university student, you can get many software tools for free such as intelij ultimate edition, cLion, datagrip(all jetbrain products).you can apply to get Microsoft Azure server space for free to develop mobile apps .Eclipse is a great tool if you are working with core or enterprise Java. It gets updated frequently as it is open source.
    for Windows users who use the command prompt, switch to git bash or putty instead. you can SSH to remote servers straight.
  8. I liked this. as said earlier in the comments, in that per say what you are trying to teach but just watching you move around the environment and give advice and how to make things more convenient and organized is great! Your videos are always helpful and insightful!
  9. I liked this one a lot Dave. More screencasts would be great. It's not specifically your tips. They are helpful, but it's just seeing the way you move around in the environment and think about efficiency which is the real value here. This is really helpful.
  10. great video. I would like to see more screen casts
  11. Just stumbled onto your vids today, they really fill a gap cause a guy I used to watch went from this stuff to more of a "life coach" :/. Can't wait to see more :) SUBBED
  12. More like this please. Programs you use the most, more hacks if you have them, etc. Great vid dude.
  13. Cool video! Thanks!
  14. Awesome video!!
  15. Good video! more of these pls!
  16. please MOARRRRR workflow videos!!
  17. Can you show us your gitfiles?
  18. More of this! Please and thank you. Already downloaded the BetterSnapTool!
  19. Hi Dave I had a question.
    Is Java programming (Engineering) making robots do things etc.. The same as programming java applications on a computer/making games?

    In a few month I will be starting 12th grade. We all get an elective sheet that gives us the option to choose different classes. One of those classes is "Programming in Java" Right now i'm already learning to program in Java making simple computer applications. The "Programming in Java" is under the Engineering section so i'm assuming we will do things like program robots and stuff. Is that the same syntax as making computer applications? Is it more difficult? I wanted to learn more about Java and hopefully get a carrier as a Programmer or Developer so I feel this would be a good way to learn more. What are you thoughts?
  20. I like these kind of videos :)

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