Software Tips: Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Wacom's Wes Maggio demonstrates a dozen essential Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that he absolutely could not live without. See them in use as he enhances a portrait to see where they could fit into your personal Photoshop workflow. Subscribe to our channel: Follow Wacom on Twitter: Like Wacom on Facebook: Join Wacom on G+: Follow Wacom's Pinterest Board:


  1. I am not big on shortcuts, however, I use Ctrl +Alt+ Z to delete any previous steps I wish to cancel. This has saved me some amounts of frustration!
  2. thank you!!

  3. Hello Wes,  your statement about not being able to remember all the shortcuts or many of them is realistic, especially when photo editing involves other softwares too.  It's too many shortcuts to remember for sure if you also include other softwares.

    Would you be able to do a review on the Martian Keyboard.  It works beside the normal keyboard so there are two keyboards on the desk.   Is that much of an advantage?, or having all the shortcuts accessed from just one keyboard on the desk better?    If you get a chance, could look at the Martian Keyboard, and maybe do a review.

    Thanks, Rick Hoffman

  4. Thank you for the awesome shortcut tip! Wow.. I never knew the quick zoom-in and out shortcut key existed...
  5. great vid. Thanks!

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