Software Tips: Make Your Own Weather Radar

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  1. Is there a way
  2. is there an app where i can make a hurricane and like put it on californa like control it?\
    please respond!!!!
  3. i just downloaded google earth before watching this video lol
  4. You would have to re download the radar image every time you want to know the current immage
  5. or you can just download the weather app...
  6. I have been having good luck so far getting our regional radar instantly available on Google Chromebook, after doing some searches. Downloading to Google Chromebook can be very tricky because, after all, Google likes to be in control. I have now subscribed to tinkernut..
  7. please update the url of europe i wan't it but google chrome can't find the site
  8. I did this and love it. All Yall are idiots. The guy is awesome and the vid's are the shit. Maybe you all should shut up and learn something. 
  9. the europe only shows uk
  10. ive actually done this before but i use the looped radar images instead of the ones that update every 2 minutes. i've got radar that covers half of nebraska all of iowa and minnesota and parts of south dakota. and nebraska. really helps cause you can see weather out at least a few hours before it gets to you and with the loop you know what direction the storm cells are moving.
  11. news channels h8 you now...
  12. It dont work in canada :(
  13. on my screen there are red blobs what do they represent? and i dont have the two circles at the top of my screen and no colour bar thing on the side i used the europe version
  14. how about in the philippines?
  15. @mohamadqadiri93 fucking arabic bitch
  16. @FavoriteDesigns Hahahah
  17. ok now that i have it on google earth how do i take it off D: LOL
  18. I've got some gadget that also predict the weather. Put it in my Vista gadgets. Google earth is simple.. just klick on weather button and.. you'll know the whole planet.
  19. nice very helpfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Love the video. Thank's for showing it.

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