Software Tips: SketchBook Pro 7 Coloring With Kevin Mellon

Autodesk's SketchBook Pro 7 is here, and with it, a feast of new features powering drawing in perspective, coloring with gradients, selecting and manipulating pixels with precision, and even creating original animation. Working on his Cintiq 22HD Pen Display, Archer storyboard artist and comic book creator Kevin Mellon demonstrates how all of these tools factor into SketchBook Pro's traditionally minimalist, tablet-friendly design to deliver new user experiences. Subscribe to our channel: Follow Wacom on Twitter: Like Wacom on Facebook: Join Wacom on G+: Follow Wacom's Pinterest Board:


  1. what is the name of this software?
  2. This was no help at all - pretty self absorbed geeze
  3. thanks for the video great work! I've seem some people use a pen, rather than cross hairs. do you know how to get that?
  4. Wow :O
  5. i can't scroll up/down the layer editor window and idk why.. anyone can help?
  6. Cool, but too fast!
  7. How do you 'drop in a quick texture?'
  8. Can I have the texture image you've used on your drawing?
  9. What an inspiration. I'll have to watch this video several times, just to catch a little more of what you're doing. Many thanks for putting it together.
  10. I also found there's a bit of a learning curve using digital art programs with the cintiq tablet as I find it hard to decide on the appropriate tools.
  11. I use a similar program with my cintiq tablet, but I cant get a decently tapered line, so I find I have to erase a portion of the line to taper it. Is there a setting that can help that?
  12. Love this
  13. i didn't get anything how the shadows???
  14. Anybody here struggling to create mere shells of what we can do on paper digitally? Or is it just me floundering.
  15. Can someone tell me how he is painting with a solid color like that (when he's painting in the skin tone)? I have Sketchbook Pro and all of the brushes have a texture to them. I would like to be able to put my solid color down first like I can in Photoshop, but would like to eliminate that step.
  16. Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to learn to use digital art tools.
  17. Wow
  18. This is awesome. I just got my first Wacom Cintiq and I used to use Sketchbook for the Galaxy Note 5. Its an awesome program. so when I got the tablet I search for the desktop version and found it. This video is an awesome learning tool. Thanks for the information!
  19. you draw using a tablet pen connecting in to computer? amazing work
  20. " I fucking love it" I choked on that line 😂😂😂

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