Sword in the Stone - Minecraft Tricks!

How to make a sword in a stone! You can use anything instead of an Ender Portal, but it looks the best IMO! Really useful if you're making an Adventure map! Here is the command: /summon ArmorStand ~-0.2 ~0.9 ~-0.4 {Rotation:[0f,0f],NoGravity:1,Invisible:1,ShowArms:1,NoBasePlate:1,Pose:{Head:[0f,0f,0f],LeftArm:[0f,0f,0f],RightArm:[-90f,45f,180f],LeftLeg:[0f,0f,0f],RightLeg:[0f,0f,0f],Body:[0f,0f,0f]}}


    Additional Information:

    Visibility: 105

    Duration: 4m 19s

    Rating: 0