"Tips for selling software" - Tony Hughes (TALKING SALES 109)

***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE**** If you like this please subscribe and feel free to browse through the other 250+ short sales videos - I hope you find value in them. This discussion with Tony Hughes is about "How to achieve sustainable software sales growth" Significant changes confront the software industry. The buyers have changed the way they buy. Cloud means we no longer achieve big upfront licence fees. These changes, and more, are driving a transformation in the way software providers sell and provision software. How can you respond to ensure sustainable success? Tony Hughes is an old master at selling software and a thought leader in adapting to the new way. So I asked Tony for his advice on how to be successful in selling in the new software environment. Tony agreed. "The era of doing a big enterprise sale and then the salesperson disappearing, with the client struggling to get the value is really gone". In this discussion Tony outlined the key strategies that software providers need to deploy in order to transform their business in a way that will ensure they survive and grow. He elaborates on risk sharing and values alignment. He emphasises the importance of being in lockstep with the buyer journey from early in the process and not losing sight of the specific customer problem being solved. See Tony's full interview below for some enlightening advice and guidance to achieve sustainable growth in our software sales. Tony is a leading author and keynote speaker in the world of B2B sales and sales leadership. He is well known for his strategic selling book “The Joshua Principle” and for the RSVPselling methodology.


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  4. Win slowly and loose quickly ! What a simple and very clear message ! thank you
  5. Many thanks John for a great discussion with Tony. Always appreciated via TSW. -- Barry.
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