Tips to start a YouTube Channel | Complete Guide (Camera, Editing Software, Music, Backdrop)

Hey Guys.!! Here is a Complete Guide on How to Start a YouTube Channel! Hope you find this helpful! I started from scratch without any equipments so I hope this video answer some of your questions! Please don't forget to Subscribe my Channel, Share this video and Give this video a big thumbs up!! Make sure to click that bell button so that you will be notified whenever I upload a new video! Subscribe and be a part of this YouTube Family! :) How to Start a YouTube Channel:- 1. Create a channel and channel Settings tutorial- 2. Camera- Canon 700D Phone- Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 3. Tripod- - For my point and shoot camera and mobile I used- - Aeoss Mobile Tripod Holder- - Tripod for DSLR and other cameras, mobile: Benro T600EX Digital Tripod Kit- Photron Stedy Pro 560 Tripod- 4. Lights- Limo Studio- Sqaure Perfect- Gizmo- 5. Backdrop set- Generic- Lights in my background- From Hypercity for 147 Rs. --Check out-- My Second Channel- How I edit my Instagram pictures- Music- YouTube Audio Library Overlays by- Gabrielle Marie- Loriana video- Camera- Canon 700D and kit lens Software- Sony Vegas Pro 11 :::::: My Social Media :::::: Instagram:- Twitter:- Snapchat:- ayu.11 Gmail:- Note: My Channel is all about creating, inspiring and sharing with as many people as I can.! I believe in being positive and spreading love.! So Let's do this together.! And would request not to spread negativity or leave negative comments that might ruin this Positive Community.! Thank you so much for watching my video.! It means a lot.! Keep Inspiring.! Loads of love.! - Ayushi


  1. Which one in a mobile
  2. Hi Ayushi your video is really very nice I got to know it through the collaboration video with Larissa I have just started my YouTube channel name is naini sachdeva go watch it and i would love to know the suggestions for it also please let me know we can work in collaboration some time.
    Thank you
  3. I watched your videos today and I've spent my whole day in it i really like your your videos
  4. Very nice and informative video...👌
  5. Hi

    Could you please give some more info? Is Vegas pro is free software?? Is it able to edit 4K video?? I have IPhone SE and am getting sooo much trouble while doing editing. Please HELP.
  6. Banner link??
  7. Sound quality is poor like an echo chamber; talking too fast.
  8. helpful girl
  9. Great video👍😇
  10. I am your New subscriber and I just watched your 1 vedio in the morning and i was like woww.....And then Started watching & going through each & every vedio of yours and i am just loving it ..!!

    I also have a channel and i want some tips from you...and around 4 months hone vaale hai my youtube fam. are not growing....

    Actually i have a passion of crafting and making handmade items....but i dont know how to present it in the form of vedio .....
    i have a talent but dont know how
    to present it in a best way and i em not getting a suitable application to edit and start tutorial vlogs nd alll...
  11. u r so cute man.. awesum video
  12. Thank you so much for this will really help my channel to grow
  13. intereast
  14. Hii I liked the way u explained i m a new youtuber and just subscribed ur channel plz visit my channel if u like it plz subscribe as well 😊 thank you
  15. Thnkuuu so mch fr ur wondrful advc...I also hv strted a channel..plzz once watch it n if u like it then plz hit on the lk button n subscribe
  16. This is the best and first video I watched from your channel
  17. V nice video
  18. These are really great tips ♡♡♡
  19. I m also a art attack person so i love you too

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