Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks

This is a continuation of my Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips & Tricks. It includes more advanced features and some additional tricks to help you become more productive using PowerPoint and Office 365. Check out the original PowerPoint 2016 video at Find how to present a PowerPoint video in Skype for Business at Contents: 1. Add-ins 0:29 2. Design Ideas 1:45 3. Skype for Business 2:25 4. Screen Recording 3:33 5. Templates 4:33 6. Animate Images 6:04 7. Translate 7:29 8. Selection Pane 8:31 9. Link to Excel 9:29 10. Instant Slideshow 11:04


  1. Thank You!!! Nice presentation! Short and sweet! Much appreciated!
  2. great tips but i have one question i do not have the design idea bar in my Office how i can get it ?
  3. This is very helpful! In my 6 years of using powerpoint one tip that I only know is the second method of linking an excel sheet to the ppt. Thank you so much sir!
  4. Thanks for the videos you are amazing
  5. An excellent informative video thanks. I will be showing it to my students so they can learn from it too.
  6. Reaalllllyyyyyyy helpful. Thanks
  7. Thanks so much!!!!!
  8. Nice sir ji .
  9. Great lesson. Thank you!
  10. Nice video. My takeaways are creating templates and add ins. I would be using in my future slides/videos. Thanks
  11. How to bring name as a default on top right and that design
  12. Excellent video Jason!
  13. Wow! VERY HELPFUL! thank you very much for this video!
  14. nice
  15. Excellent video, many thanks. The "add-ins" is the one I find most useful..... Not sure what I would use #6 Animate Images for though. It seems to be one of those annoying Powerpoint functions that can be easily overused, or used in the wrong way. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though :-)
  16. Thanks for your efforts!!
  17. Its  a good one, but not all are of frequent use
  18. Thank u so much
  19. This is one of the best tutorial videos I've ever seen. The tips were so simple to understand and do. You've helped us find a way to make great presentations with less effort. Thank you
  20. Very useful tips. I have started using some of them instantly. Thanks

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