Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks

This is a continuation of my Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips & Tricks. It includes more advanced features and some additional tricks to help you become more productive using PowerPoint and Office 365. Check out the original PowerPoint 2016 video at Find how to present a PowerPoint video in Skype for Business at Contents: 1. Add-ins 0:29 2. Design Ideas 1:45 3. Skype for Business 2:25 4. Screen Recording 3:33 5. Templates 4:33 6. Animate Images 6:04 7. Translate 7:29 8. Selection Pane 8:31 9. Link to Excel 9:29 10. Instant Slideshow 11:04


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  3. #11: Streaming: Hyperlinking anything directly to any online PowerPoint file path'll let you stream it! I made my own free PowerPoint Game Streaming service! Check it out here! (It won't work if Google Chrome's ever been installed on your machine though.) [If you have Chrome now, switching to FireFox, doing a factory repair of PowerPoint, and reapplying your settings should make it work!] It's even got TV, relaxation, music, and news platforms; and its own official parental rating system!
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  14. I doesn't have design ideas option in design ribbon. Plz give me solution. I have latest version powerpoint 2016.
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  16. Animate image 6:00
  17. Very helpful - never knew about add-ins - have just used immediately!
  18. I don't seem to find screen recording on my toolbar. Is there another way I could get it? or a version of PPT that doesn't have it? Thank you! very useful!
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