Top 10 Skype for Business Tips and Tricks

This is a list of my top 10 Skype for Business tips and tricks compiled from over 2 years of using Skype in a corporate setting. Some simple settings to make your meetings work better and improve your information sharing. Contents: 1. Creating Skype Meetings in Outlook 0:33 2. Record a Meeting in 1080p HD 0:58 3. Share a PowerPoint File 1:23 4. Automatically Update Calendar Presence 2:04 5. Set Do Not Disturb When Meeting 2:30 6. Allow External Communications 2:54 7. Customize Meeting Invitations 3:34 8. Check your Call Quality Dashboard 4:07 9. Add Mobile and Home Phone Numbers 5:00 10. Meeting Options 5:29


  1. Can you please tell how to sign-in with an new username...i could not able to login.plz help
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  6. Would love to see OneNote tips and tricks.
  7. In this video there is showing 10 top trick of Skype so that you can easily get all knowledge of Skype it is very helpful for you.
    1). you can open easily Skype meeting calendar in your outlook directly
    2). you can record all video's chatting very easily in case you need to remember conversation than you will get it all with the help of video recorder and also you can set resolation.
    3). we can share power point and word files for viewing your team members it is very useful feature.
    4). there is automatically will be update calendar presence information after check the update my presence base on my calendar information.
    5). Set do not disturb during meeting after check the show me as do not disturb when i share my desktop it is available in Skype for business settings inside the status.
    6). you can allow external communication in Skype, select the admin center in office 365 and than click on Skype for business after that click on organization and again click on external communication and than check the option of let public use Skype for business.
    7). how to customize meeting invitations click on admin center in office 365 and than click on Skype for business admin center and select online meeting and than create meeting for online.
    8). how to check your call quality in baseboard click on admin center in office 365 and than click on Skype for business admin center and select tools and than click Skype for business online call quality dashboard here you can see all call quality details.
    9). how to add mobile number and home phone number.go to Skype settings and click on phone here can fill your phone number and mobile number.
    10). and also you can use meeting options and you can allow and deny permissions with the help of Skype.
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  12. Would like to see more videos like this on O365 groups, planner and teams.
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