Top 10 Skype Tips + Tricks || Must Know [Muskie]

Top 10 Skype Tips + Tricks Please leave your suggestions for more videos in the damn comment section you bastards. And thanks for watching!!


  1. the amount of people he has blocked makes me laugh so hard
  2. I am on my skype page and do not have anything that shows tools or other options on top of the page
  3. My cousin has more subs just saying
  4. ok how the fuck do u see how someone is logged in mobile or not
    because my friend can see whenever im on my pc
  5. How do I turn on my speakers when im skyping?
  6. no offense but dry up your mouth
  7. You put your phone number on the video
  8. This is the 3rd video on my channel to reach 100 views!
    It is also the fastest growing, with 4 views/day for 3 weeks!
  9. Thanks for 1,300 views in total!!

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