Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks

Here is the top 20 tips and tricks for PowerPoint 2016. This list is compiled from several years using PowerPoint for presentations in a corporate environment and includes common tips most people forget exist as well as some surprise tricks you can employ to become a better presenter. Get the best PowerPoint Laser Pointer here: Check out my Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint Tips & Tricks video at Contents: 1. Morph Transition 0:21 2. Compress Media 0:49 3. Click-Drag to Duplicate 1:55 4. Ink Equation 2:10 5. Alt-Shift Ordering 2:35 6. Ungroup SmartArt 2:55 7. Quick Access Toolbar 3:30 8. Filler Text 4:53 9. Chart Animation 5:48 10. Slide Show Tricks 6:59 11. Gridlines & Guides 8:01 12. Recover Files 9:26 13. Eyedropper 9:57 14. Shape Edit Points 10:22 15. Smart Lookup 11:26 16. Slide Show Loop 11:51 17. Embed Fonts 12:45 18. Remove Background 13:22 19. Quick Alignment 14:08 20. Tell Me What You Want to Do 14:47


  1. Thank You!!!!!
  2. Number 21: Get a good mic
  3. I lost my side bar..... I want it back!!!
  4. Good video and very helpful.Thanks for sharing this tricks.
  5. I loved this tricks!
    Especially: =Lorem() ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. Awesome video. I considered myself as a pretty advanced powerpoint but still I got to learn several new tricks.
  7. for tips number 5, how I do it with mac computer? thank you
  8. Thanks. Unfortunately lorem and rand don't work anymore?
  9. 2019 - No morph option in PPT. Thank you!
  10. I wish I could do so
    please visit my video on office review
    part 1 :
    part 2 :
  11. Great tips! You made my day.
  12. very helpfull thank you
  13. There is no morph transistion in 2016
  14. thank you very much, excellent
  15. Can I just use the insert audio option - will the recipient of my pps or ppt email hear the mp3 music file when I send the program?
  16. Am I to manually embed my music file for others to hear it? i.e. not just linked. Or is the "insert" menu, then the selection of "Audio on my PC" good enough? Any help on that subject?
  17. Wow,! awesome. Thank you so much
  18. Thank you Sir. That is helpful.
  19. great thanks
  20. This channel should be bigger and more people should know it to make powerpoint much more enjoyable. Thank for this amazing video!

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