Top 5 Chromebook Tips Most People Don't Know

This video will introduce you to some keyboard shortcuts many people are unaware of, for use with Chrome web browsers and Chromebooks. This is a link to BENSOUND- creative commons licensed music used in the video. This guy does some very beautiful stuff:


  1. Thanks for the vid
  2. Thx for the split screen trick. Just got my Acer r11 and that is great for having my call portal side by side with my dictionary on other screen. I do medical interpretation and need quick look up of words.
  3. i knew all of these already. :/ Even more stuff then the stuff featured in the video
  4. i want to know
  5. There is also another trick that you can use to 'edit' any webpage. First you go to inspect mode by doing ctrl+shift+I, and then you pick a code that you want to change and click on a three circle button . Then you press 'edit as HTMI' and then you can change it by writing the things that you want. P.S this also works on the Window and the Dell
  6. NERD
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  8. hi
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  10. wow
  11. I knew all of those (I mess with my chrome-book a lot
  12. Thank You for this , i'm gonna try these tips number 1 and 5 for sure !
  13. Awesome thanks!
  14. My headphone jack stopped working after using a bluetooth speaker device.
  15. What did you use to record this on your chrome book
  16. i know them all..
  17. It would be nice if it were that easy. I replied to your email but could not send, as an incorrect address error stops it. I need a different email for you. A full reply is waiting.
  18. Good video 👍
  19. Good video, but if you can tell me a trick which will allow me to get a scanned item into my chromebook i'll bow to u, u chrome know-it-all. Anyone. If u know, please do show..

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