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  1. 25:55 I had my deck randomly shuffled, I tried to shoot the bottom card and guess what... It was the 3 of diamonds.... OMG!!!!
  2. Good bro
  3. These tricks seem too easy. I guess with practice it will get smoother.
  4. I do a similar version on the first trick. The way I reveal it is I’ll have the forced card as the home screen on my phone. I place the phone (with screen off) and hidden card on the pile and then do my banter. Have the person pick up the phone and hit the home button to reveal the card, then have them lift the top card to show they match.
    It’s sent people screaming out of pubs before rofl.
  5. Nice video
    Bless you and your family
    Maybe I'll see you here in Fresno or SLO one day
  6. Awesome! Now I know why I picked the Three of Hearts too!! I thought that was quite the coincidence at first, but on a second viewing, it was really the only card I had time to see. Pretty cool!
  7. great job
  8. I love quick and easy slight of hand tricks...and love how quick and easy you demonstrated them Rich so thank you!!! Will be watching out for more of your tricks so I can try at the office...have a great weekend! Costa Hovris
  9. Just did these magic tricks and my family loved them even my mom and she is hard to please with magic
  10. I would use a Centre Tear for my Magic Square Routine for finding out the participants chosen number so I can create the square later
  11. i thought this was famliy friendly channle no cursing 1:26
  12. awesome
  13. I actually smashed the like button and shared it with friends and even did a trick on my sister ..... oh and I subscribed !!!! Magic is real 😅
  14. What? Any one counted how many whats this dude said !!
  15. I would put a bit of a twist to the 1st sleight: First off I would tell the spectator that I'm going to help them predict their own blind selection. I would have them shuffle & cut til their heart's content. They then lay as many cards on the table as desired. I would note the POSITION of the top card and then lay the pad in that same position( but make it look haphazard). THEN (and ONLY then) would I open the pad and do as follows: With pen in hand, I'd hold it up to their eye-level and instruct them to follow the pen with their eyes down to the top card in the pile. Then I'd say, "Blank your mind as best as you can and look at me." THEN I'd SLOWLY write the prediction AS I LOOKED THEM IN THE EYES. I'd then be a bit unsure but I'd slowly, almost reluctantly show the result, and I WOULDN'T do that sleight for the remainder of my time there.
  16. Amazing
  17. you are amazing, thanks so much for teaching me these amazing tricks
  18. 00:00:19 Guys make sure you subscribe to this video
  19. Full of energy..full of entertainment...full of magic!!
    is there any private tuition available
  20. Wow! I love all of em

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