Tricks to Edit MS Word Document Faster

Swiftly move within the document using few unknown word shortcuts Learn more Word tricks: ALSO CHECK SOME OF THE DEMO COURSES WE OFFER Do not miss out on any videos and course offers. Follow us now! Check out more of our youtube videos: Transcript: Hi there. In this 5th series of the Word shortcut keys, let me embark on the next few shortcut keys which will definitely help you automate lots of mini tasks and eventually save a lot of time. So for example, at times it does happen that you choose the paragraph. You go to the button and then either try to justify or right align or middle align and so on so forth. Well, next time if you come along such a scenario use this shortcut key. Ctrl + R for right align. Ctrl + L, L for left. Ctrl + E for for center. And if you are working with an uninterrupted paragraph of lines then you might want to use justify at times. So Ctrl + R will give something like this. Ctrl + L, something like this. Ctrl + J will just ensure it justifies the text. At times if you want to change the cases, of course, we know about Shift + F3 and it just helps you toggle between the cases. Now watch another trick which helps me edit the documents very fast. If I place my cursor at the end of the letter U, the word you and I press Ctrl + Delete key, two, three times, notice the words on the right are getting deleted one by one. So I see people they try to use delete, delete, one letter at a time. Well, you have the opportunity to press Ctrl and Delete. It deletes the entire word much faster. Let me press Ctrl + Z back and get the things inside. The same line item. Next, instead of Ctrl + Delete key, you press Ctrl + Backspace keys. Backspace means it takes the text from the left-hand side and it takes one word at a time. So instead of saying backspace, backspace which can take a lot of time to edit the document. Ctrl + Backspace will be much, much better. Isn't that wonderful? In fact, if you are working with policy and legal document this is a must have a shortcut key in your mind.


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