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How to edit videos for YouTube. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to edit videos using any kind of editing software. I’ll show you basic video editing tips and terminology. Click here for your FREE Video Editing Cheat Sheet + Royalty Free Music resources: Software: Mac Users: PC Users: Editing App: Personal: Business: I post new video marketing and social media tutorials every Tuesday! Subscribe and comment below with which tutorial you want to see next! Follow me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


  1. I’m sorry, but no iMovie is not that easy. Unless there is something wrong w/ my iPhone? But I have tried to use iMovie on my phone to edit, and it’s Not self explanatory! And no I don’t know how to put text in my videos. And when I go to my editing software, the clips aren’t laid out like that. So no, this was not that helpful to me. Sorry Sunny. Love all your other videos tho!
  2. Amazing thanks
  3. Hi Sunny. I can’t find the Directr app. Do you know if they’ve changed the name or removed it?
  4. Great video good info
  5. What do you recommend on Windows now that Windows Movie Maker is no longer available?
  6. And this is what I've been looking for! 😱 Like I have no idea how to edit! That's why I haven't felt like I can start yet! Now nothing is stopping me but me!
  7. very nice video
  8. Can somebody recommend an easy software tool for a chromebook ?
  9. super!
  10. I really like your delivery. I want to make some videos to record my bike build. It’s only for me and my friends but I want to make it fun.
  11. wow super vedio edit softwere... nice
  12. Yeah,I love watching you.Thanks for the info.Big hugs for ya!
  13. Thanx for the link #BOSS
  14. Where have you been all my YouTube life ??? Lol jk jk . Seriously though TY 👍
  15. Great now how do you do these
  16. Is doing a tutorial via power point a good idea for a video?
  17. Hi Sunny! Do you have any updated suggestions for iphone video apps that still exist? The directr one is nonexistent now, and I would love to know some updated suggestions. Thank you for all the amazing content you always share!
  18. I was sent to the Canadian store on itunes, then unavailable again, you might want to update your links
  19. Very heplful
  20. You are very good at teaching, thank you

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