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How to edit videos for YouTube. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to edit videos using any kind of editing software. I’ll show you basic video editing tips and terminology. Click here for your FREE Video Editing Cheat Sheet + Royalty Free Music resources: Software: Mac Users: PC Users: Editing App: Personal: Business: I post new video marketing and social media tutorials every Tuesday! Subscribe and comment below with which tutorial you want to see next! Follow me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


  1. Its Amazing
  2. Hi you still use screenflow?
  3. Good stuff thanks.
  4. do you help people with limited knowledge of video making and obviously the audio part of it which is very important n conveying the message.
  5. Thanks for this video. Concise tips. I subscribed. :)
  6. You, my dear, are a lifesaver! I am so blessed to have found your channel and your wealth of information! THANK YOU SUNNY!
  7. How do you put your b roll over your audio without cutting off your talking video, if that makes sense haha
  8. Awesome! I don't see the link for the director app but still awesome
  9. Hi I need a editing app for my phone I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  10. Hey sunny, the cheat sheet is no longer in your website. please re upload the cheatsheet. or delete this video. because without cheatsheet,this video is a lie or even a scam
  11. lets have a sub to sub¡¡♥
  12. Ay hate you ay just try it and ay acsedently delet some thing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😈😈😈😈😈
  13. Very useful video. THANK YOU.
  14. Thank you Sunny
  15. Please fo do a video on using your tablet to make videos especially teaching videos
  16. Camtasia Rocks. It's wonderful for talking head videos. And sunny I had asked you if your beautiful hair color is natural but you didn't reply but I persist!
  17. You can always torrent software, dude. I don't know why price is a problem
  18. I loved this video Sunny!! Thank you!!!!
  19. more like this
  20. I’m sorry, but no iMovie is not that easy. Unless there is something wrong w/ my iPhone? But I have tried to use iMovie on my phone to edit, and it’s Not self explanatory! And no I don’t know how to put text in my videos. And when I go to my editing software, the clips aren’t laid out like that. So no, this was not that helpful to me. Sorry Sunny. Love all your other videos tho!

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