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How to edit videos for YouTube. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to edit videos using any kind of editing software. I’ll show you basic video editing tips and terminology. Click here for your FREE Video Editing Cheat Sheet + Royalty Free Music resources: Software: Mac Users: PC Users: Editing App: Personal: Business: I post new video marketing and social media tutorials every Tuesday! Subscribe and comment below with which tutorial you want to see next! Follow me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


  1. Very heplful
  2. You are very good at teaching, thank you
  3. I will enjoyed this video it help me a lot thanks
  4. Great editing tips!!!
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  5. im looking all your videos i did not found what i want to learn,about putþng thumbnails,i dont know putting it madam sunny
  6. Your channel is awesome. Thanks for great content
  7. Hi Sunny! Directr is no longer available. Do you have any other free suggestions for editing? Thanks.
  8. Thanks a lot Sunny, I'm running a marketing agency and I'm about to upload
    a couple of educational videos on YouTube for Amazon FBA & Shopify sellers to help them grow their business, so this is very welcome. :-)
  9. How to make videos with two people on the screen from different locations to post on YouTube or other modalities.
  10. Thank you for all this great info! Just looking to start my own channel!!
  11. Good content, very informative.. thanks!
  12. Your channel is superb... I will be in future like you!
  13. what is a free editing software for pc
  14. Wow this video is 2 years old, talk about evergreen content !
  15. great presentation sunny...
    greetings from #tuhinstips
  16. What about an iPhone how can you update on your iPhone for beginners on YouTube
  17. Great video, thanks for the tips!!!
  18. This so nice i am in love with it.....thank you Sunny.
  19. Hi Sunny.. I would like to know how you can cut the sound that comes in a lavalier mic even when there is very less sound.. And which application to use to record audio using lavalier mic
  20. Thanks for the tips.

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