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How to edit videos for YouTube. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to edit videos using any kind of editing software. I’ll show you basic video editing tips and terminology. Click here for your FREE Video Editing Cheat Sheet + Royalty Free Music resources: Software: Mac Users: PC Users: Editing App: Personal: Business: I post new video marketing and social media tutorials every Tuesday! Subscribe and comment below with which tutorial you want to see next! Follow me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


  1. Good content, very informative.. thanks!
  2. Your channel is superb... I will be in future like you!
  3. what is a free editing software for pc
  4. Wow this video is 2 years old, talk about evergreen content !
  5. great presentation sunny...
    greetings from #tuhinstips
  6. What about an iPhone how can you update on your iPhone for beginners on YouTube
  7. Great video, thanks for the tips!!!
  8. This so nice i am in love with it.....thank you Sunny.
  9. Hi Sunny.. I would like to know how you can cut the sound that comes in a lavalier mic even when there is very less sound.. And which application to use to record audio using lavalier mic
  10. Thanks for the tips.
  11. great videos...tiny critique...try to blink less. Your eye contact engages the viewer, but your blinking is distracting. Sounds weird, I know, but it is tv acting 101.
  12. unfortunatly you didn't talk about editing software when using a chromebook, I am having trouble finding a less expensive version.
  13. I like all your vide thanks for everything
  14. thanks so much but camtasia you have to BUY it to get the water mark off
  15. How can I add all my links in description box on YouTube like my Facebook, Twitter etc please if I don't yet have a website? Do I have to add everytime I post? And also just using my cell phones for everything? I have a computer but I don't know anything about how to use one uggh lol but I like just being able to use my phones. I have been using now Viva video app just learned how to do some things still don't know how to edit clips with it I have that option but haven't figured it out. I did figure out how to merge like 3 into 1 ty
  16. you're doing a good work , plz make more videos which goes in depth of editing like the use of editing tools . . .
  17. so informative :)
  18. Thanks you soo much sunny! Link u have leave doesn’t open! It’s say it’s not available! If u don’t mind .. which software ur using !! Thanks😘
  19. Those editing apps are no longer available:/
  20. Excellent videos! Such great info! Thank you for sharing!

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