"Warrior Princess" belly dance, sword, advanced - Isidora Bushkovski instant video

"Warrior Princess" DVD & instant streaming available at http://worlddancenewyork.com Isidora Bushkovski's 'Warrior Princess" choreography teaches advanced sword dance technique and sophisticated sword dance vocabulary, and emphasizes story-telling through dance. The program contains step-by-step breakdown of choreography, practice with music for every combination and a full theater performance in costume. Music: 'Circle' by Solace. Advanced Level + more dance, fitness, modeling instruction video / DVD / iPhone, iPad Apps Connect with us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/worlddancenewyork


  1. Whos else thought the thumb nail was lucy XD
  2. Adorei estes videos. É show.
  3. Love Izzy!!!!  Going to check into purchasing this one!  
  4. YAY! Izzy made it to WDNY! She is my absolute favorite dancer ever.

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