Windows phone 10 Tips and Tricks

Hello there everybody, and in this video we have 5 tips and tricks that might make your windows phone 10 experience just a bit more enjoyable. If you have any tips and tricks that you want to mention for windows phone 10, go ahead and leave them down in the comments below. If you enjoyed this content please be sure to smash that thumbs up button, and if your feeling awesome subscribe for more videos related to technology. As always, thanks for watching and be well :) How to install windows 10 on your windows phone 8.1 phone: How to install windows 10 mobile official: How to go back to windows phone 8.1 from windows 10 phone: S U B S C R I B E: T W I T T E R : I N S T A G R A M: G O O G L E + :


  1. My Lumia 1520 with windows 10 mobile has nothng but basic display settings...none of what you show here. Rats!
  2. How do I get a good price on an windows phone
  3. Sir i am from India and i am also fan of windows device plz send me ur phone plz plz sir
  4. You are using which phone name what
  5. Great one dude.
  6. Ok next
  7. I can't find the second display in my w Lumia 535
  8. Blocked by the Muslim Brotherhood software firm community help platform and honestly , recklessly operating Nokia Lumia phone well below competence of an underachieving second grade grammar school drop out at the risk of self absorption and grandiosity suffice it to say shit out of luck in any attempt to attenuate because in addition to not offered sounds notification except via headphones I'm further
  9. I find it hard to touch, a heavy screen sensitivity, what to do?
  10. It is much more than I think.good job and also thank you for your helpful tips.
  11. List of features any 5 month old user should know
  12. I want to block all calls except my contacts,,, plz plz,,,advice on this,,,,,it's very important for me ..........................
  13. There is a Big problem if you don't need to reset your phone and only want to restore several apps with purchase settings from your backup or have some kind of mess-up and want to restore your none reseted phone
    Unfortunately there is no restore option Shame Shame Shame !!!
  14. Hello!! I updated my Lumia from win8.1 to win10. Can you direct me to a basic function tutor that will show me how to make calls / save calls / and other basic features?? It seems very different from win8.1
  15. Does this phone feature a tap to wake ?
  16. hello i have seen in many windows 10 devices that if you set one wallpaper it goes for both sides that is start background and app side bar, how we can do that as in my phone start screen background is changing only other side is black
  17. Take notice Android and Apple fan-boys. Do you see all these apps...and the great thing is, they don't keep nagging for attention, not even after an update !!!!
  18. i cant seem to find apps corner. need help pls
  19. Thanks so much for the tips.  this is my first week using windows phone. Do happen to know or somebody using magicJack on Windows phone
  20. I'm rocking a Lumia 950xl on latest production version and the screen shrinking feature is still broken it doesn't go all the way down

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