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This video is a follow-up to explain some of the details and tips and tricks not covered in a few of the previous videos. Including the benbox software for the EleksMaker EleksLaser Laser Engraver, Wood Box Lids, Wood Sline Table Saw Jig, Comparing blades, Straight Edges on a table saw. Working and building with wood almost always means making jigs, plans or models of some sort or-other. In this video I am doing some follow-ups on some past builds and some of the adjustments and changes that were made during the build that were not explained fully, and that brought about questions from viewers. This video is meant to help clarify those questions and to provide new information on aspects of woodworking still to be covered. ****************** Tool Review Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgn5pIkLhZC7bI8qwgJFRuGNr_dRHV0qh Woodworking Tool Tips Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgn5pIkLhZC6UNY7oGCqqalh2WTG0Ywge ****************** **** Subscribe here - https://www.youtube.com/user/knecht105 ** Like me at Facebook: https://goo.gl/DLgvoa ** Follow on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/colinknecht ** Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/woodworkweb ** Connect with me on Google+: http://goo.gl/7fotJq


  1. Thank you so much
  2. "Fessin' up" your mistakes is really valuable. Thanks for your expertise and humility
  3. The world Largest Collection of 16,000 woodworking plan if you are wondring to find the best plan really its
    very very better check it : https://tinyurl.com/yclq4al9 I hope help you! Thanks
  4. Nador cetey
  5. Colin very nice, added the spline jig to my list to make up. Sub'd, thanks for sharing.
  6. you are a good teacher thanks!
  7. Thank you  for sharing. Lots of information.
  8. Yes thanks for showing and sharing your woodworking tips. That clear box make up was a good idea for showing were to position the hinge pin so thanks.
  9. Excellent tips. Thanks for all the useful information and taking the time to show the different blade cuts and hinge position with plexibox.
  10. Thanks Colin.
  11. i picked up a stanley sweetheart number 61 marking Gage today cheap... when were these made? thanks...ED...
  12. Great video Colin!
  13. Great explanation on the box hinge. I will remember for my next box
  14. Found your videos yesterday, already love them and your attitude! Keep it up.
  15. I've been wanting to do that up close comparison of different blades for a while now. Good stuff Colin - Thanks!
  16. Great tips Colin - one thing you did not cover clearly was on the jointer sled - the sled should be butted up to the blade or you will get some dreaded blowout on the backside of your piece of wood. (Or have a backer board supporting the piece)
  17. thank you
  18. Thanks Colin, some great tips here. Please take a moment to look into Inkscape as its a superb program that competes directly with Adobe Illustrator, albeit on a simpler level. It's my go to program for artwork, stencils, vinyl cutting, cnc engraving AND full carving, and so much more. All work will be vector based, so no loss in quality or pixelation form 1mm to 1mile or more! Lots of tutorials on yt, and feel free to contact me on the backend of yt for help.
  19. Great tips Colin! Looking forward to your posts on IG!
  20. Great tips! I especially liked the back-board-in-the-spline-jig tip. Never thought of that before!

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