Zwift Cycling Software: 1 Hack + 2 Tips. Music, Pictures, Race Results...

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  1. I agree zwift is great. I'd like to customise my guy a bit more. Your feed looks unplayable though? Hope that's just your screen capture!
  2. Great video :-)
  3. I've never watched it, but the music sounds like it would fit right into a gay porn scene or something 😂 great video!
  4. Thanks!!
  5. Hi there! Can you make some video about winter cycling, like in -5C to + 5C dry conditions. I moved to Poland sometime ago and kinda struggling with choosing a correct outfit: like good warm bibs/jackets, especially with appropriate head and neck gear (not blocking hearing or not too hot or without windstopping), winter hydration (regular bottles are useless, coz in 30 min hot water becomes ice cold). Dzieki

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